The Band

We are a 6 piece band.

Mike Lastra plays theramin, various toys, and samples. He is a documentary filmmaker. His films include, “Northwest Passage”, and “Satyricon: Madness and Glory”, about the iconic punk club. Mike Lastra played with Gone Orchestra, played with Lee Rocky, and is an original member of Smegma. He owns and operates Smegma Studios, the studio of choice for many a local band.

Amy Dewolfe plays bass, drums, piano, clarinet, violin, and vocals. She plays with Puppy Bunny, and was a founding member of Smegma.

Bernd Minde plays drums and guitar. He has played with HairBedPeace, Dogbody, Tina, The Giant Anguish Machine, The Guerilla Tones, Alcoholics Unanimous, Rancid Vat, and Smegma.

John Henault plays log and guitar. John is a founding member of 20 foot man, and has played with Mobius Strip, Slow Bump, Puppy Bunny, and Smegma. 

Josh Mong has a degree from PSU in Social Practice. He plays synthesizers, theramin, vocals. Has played with Mobius Strip, Lee Rocky, 20 Ft. Man, Puppy Bunny, and Smegma.

Ed Gibson plays the tenor saxophone and guitar. He’s played with Puppy Bunny, Chubby Smith and His Orchestra, The Punishers, Fescue 911, and The Dustbowl Refugees.

We’re possibly Portland’s weirdest band. Let’s argue.